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It's Just One of Those Mondays skate deck

It's Just One of Those Mondays skate deck

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Product is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for production
Also available in 7.75, 7.88, 8.13, 8.25, 8.38 and 8.50 sizes upon request
Also available in "mellow" curve upon request

Fully rideable!

Deck is constructed of 7 plies of 100% American Maple AKA Canadian Maple (many different names for this wood but only one species: Acer Saccharum and grown around the Great Lakes) with skateboard specific glue.

Designed for professional use. Deck is cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers. Careful attention is made to the fine details like veneer moisture content and the uncut decks are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks before finishing.

How deck is made: 7 plies of premium maple sourced from the Great Lakes region are ran through a glue application machine. These veneers are put into a hydraulic press containing the mold top and mold bottom(mold determines concave) for 1.5-2 hours at room temperature (known as cold pressing). Post mold the laminated rectangle blanks (uncuts) are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks. Truck hole drilling and shaping by template or CNC router happens next. Edges are routed and then bladder/balloon sanded. Surface sanding is next and then a coat of lacquer. Lacquer is allowed to cure and followed by more sanding and a final lacquer coat. This how a premium professional skateboard deck is made.

All skateboard deck manufacturing is North American based; decks laminated in Mexico and printing done in USA.

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